Clarks Inn is presented by The promoters of the Clarks Group of Hotels, well known in North India for over 50 years, present to you Clarks Inn. The Group is highly regarded for its professional outlook and commitment to integrity. This chain of luxury hotels includes:

Clarks Varanasi.

Clarks Shiraz (Agra).

Clarks Amer (Jaipur).

Clarks Avadh (Lucknow).

Clarks Khajuraho.

Over the years, we have developed a holistic understanding of the hospitality industry - what makes a successful hotel, the changing consumer preferences, international trends, issues pertaining to specific segments such as business and leisure, domestic and international. We have also forged strong relationships with the travel trade, which is critical to the success of any hotel brand.

Clarks Inn is a complete solutions-provider in the hotel management space. It aims to bridge the demand-supply gap in the budget segment, with an offering that’s truly world-class. What we bring to the table is not only expertise in helping you set up a hotel and running it, but also our tremendous brand equity.

To help build a successful business venture with you, we offer professional services in the following areas: We can set up the hotel for you- Our corporate office is fully equipped to undertake complete project management for you, from concept to commissioning, on a turnkey basis. This includes:

Conducting techno economic feasibility study of the project.

Advising on prevailing rules and regulations.

Providing inputs pertaining to architecture, interiors and air conditioning.

Helping you source the best furnishings and hardware, at the best price.

Recommending optimal organization structure and manpower planning.

Establishing appropriate financial and operational norms.

We can help you through the entire process in a manner that's not only hassle-free but also ensures adherence to quality benchmarks, budgets and timelines.

We can operate the hotel for you - Day-to-day running of the hotel requires handling routine functions on one hand, and dealing with other equally important issues such as emergencies, guest grievances, staff training etc. on the other. We believe in creating not only customer delight, but in also providing an environment to the staff that makes them happy and self-driven. Leading, in turn, to them being motivated enough to keep guests happy. If you own a property that you would like to upgrade, we could undertake that for you before getting on with the task of operating it.

With Clarks Inn, you can leave the entire logistics of running the hotel to us, so that you can sit back and get monthly management updates, and the satisfaction of seeing a healthy bottom line grow healthier.

We can market the hotel for you - Clarks Inn has an aggressive sales team, plugged into leading global reservation networks, apart from having extensive links with travel agents and tour operators. We understand the trade-offs between occupancy and realization, between inducing trial and building loyalty. We also understand that while in the short run it is important to drive traffic to the brand, in the long run, the brand can exercise customer pull on its own, provided the brand equity has been nurtured the right way.

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