Seven sky Clarks Exotica

Bhuj : (Capital of Kutch)

Aina Mahal, Sharad Baugh Palace, Pragmal Palace, swaminarayan Temple, Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan (Folk museum), Roa lakhapatji Chhatardi, Ramkund, matana madh.

Black Hill (Kala Dungar)(75 kms from Bhuj)

The black hill also known as “Kala dungar” this hill this the highest (458 meters) hill in kutch. The black hill stands out grandly as a section of the great Rann overlooking the vast area, as silent whiteness to the thousands of years old history of kutch. There is a holy place of Dattatreya on the top of the hill.

Dhordo (white Desert ) (75 kms from Bhuj)

20kms from Hodko Village. The white desert is a Pristine white expense of salt. So white it can get blind up , if you look at its the horizon probably the only desert where you can see into the horizon with no inter ference. Superb view of sunset

Narayan sarover: (163kms from Bhuj)

Narayan sarover is also known as narayan sar is a place of pilgrimage. It is about 3kms from koteshwar .

Mandvi : (50kms. From Bhuj )

Mandvi was established by Rao Khengarji in 1885. At one time it was very famous harbour was connected with South Africa , Arbia, Malaysia, & china. Main attraction: Mandvi Beach, Vijay Vilas palace & Kranti Guru Shyamji Krishna Varma place.

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