Krrish Clarks Inn,Patna

The Golghar is a single dome structure is unique and an architectural wonder. It was built to serve as a granary by the British to store grain to be used in times of famines. The base of the building is 125 meters in width and the walls are 3.6 meters thick. There are stairs to go on to the top of the building from where the city and the river Ganga can be viewed.

Pathar ki Masjid
The Pathar Ki Masjid stands on the bank of river Ganges near the Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb. Parvez Shah, son of Jahangir, established Pathar Ki Masjid in 1621.The structure is built of stone, and so it got its name as Pathar Ki Masjid.Pathar Ki Masjid is very popular among the local Islamic community. Apart from religious functions, this old mosque is a major landmark of the city.Pathar Ki Masjid is also called Saif Khan's mosque, Chimmi Ghat mosque, and Sangi Masjid.

Sadaqat Ashram
Sadaqat Ashram is the headquarters of theBihar Vidyapeeth, a National University. This place is more famous for the fact that Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India spent the last few days of his life at this place, in retirement. There is a small museum in theSadaqat Ashram that displays his personal belongings.

Darbhanga House-kali mandir
Darbhanga Raj, also known as Raj Darbhanga and the Royal Family of Darbhanga, were a family of Zamindars and rulers of territories that are now part of Mithila and Darbhanga district, Bihar, India. Their seat was at the city of Darbhanga. The estate of Darbhanga Raj was estimated to cover an area of 2,410 square miles (6,200 km2), incorporating 4,495 villages within 18 circles in Bihar and Bengal and employing over 7,500 officers to manage the estate. It was the largest zamindari in India and was the best managed estate at the time of abolition of Zamindari. The Raj Darbhanga trace their origin to Mahesh Thakur at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

Patna Planetarium
Indira Gandhi Planetarium located in Patna‚Äôs Indira Gandhi Science Complex. Planetarium was constructed through Bihar Council on Science & Technology at a total cost of about Rs. 11 Crores.It was conceptualised in 1989 by Bihar CM Shree Satyendra Narain Sinha and was inaugurated by Shree Laloo Prasad, the then Chief Minister of Bihar, on March 21, 1993. 

Padri Ki Haveli
Padri-Ki-Haveli ("Mansion of Padre"), also known as St Mary's Church, it is the oldest church in Bihar. When Roman Catholics were arrived in Bihar, they built a small church in 1713 at a place now known as Padri-ki-Haveli.

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