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Srinagar Local Information

Set in the heart of the Kashmir Valley, Srinagar is dominated by the imposing Dal Lake and its twisting waterways, Nagin Lake and the Jhelum River break up the urban area. Not just the expanse of water, the lakes is filled with houseboats, villages, narrow water canals, lotus & vegetable gardens and houses and shops. Life on the lakes, as witnessed from the confines of a Shikara, is unique. On land, a stroll through the terraced hillsides of the 400 year old Mughal Gardens is a treat to the eyes. Apart from this, the city is also famous for its traditional Kashmiri handicrafts - like hand woven silks and embroidered shawls, and dry fruits.


Dal Lake: (1 km)

The Dal Lake is Srinagar's most distinctive landmark. It is divided by causeways into four parts, the Nagin Lake being one of them. The best way of exploring the lake and the sites on its shores by Shikara boat.

Hari Parbat (12 kms)

The hill of Hari Parbat is considered sacred to the Hindus, Muslim and Sikhs alike. There is also Mughal Fort on this Hill called Hari Parbat.

Shankaracharya Temple (9 kms)

The Shankaracharya Temple is built on a high octagonal plinth, on the hill known as Takht-i-Sulaiman.

Mughal Gardens (10 kms)

Another distinctive feature of Srinagar is the Mughal Gardens with their terraced lawns, cascading fountains and bright flowerbeds, overlooking the panorama of the Dal Lake.

Pari Mahal (7 kms)

On a nearby spur of the mountain is the ancient monument Pari Mahal, located on the National Highway, is famous for the saffron that grows here from September to October.

Gulmarg (62 km)

Gulmarg is one of India's premier hill resorts. Historically a favourite haunt of Emperor Jahangir, Gulmarg Today is not merely a mountain resort of exceptional beauty - it also turns into India's premier ski resort in winter.

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