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Hubli is a major city of this district and is a famous industrial town. This historic town was known as Raya Hubli and also as Elaya Puravada Halli during the ancient times. This city metamorphosed into an important commercial centre for trade in cotton and iron during the reign of the Vijayanagara empire. The city is noted for its handloom textile units and has many cotton ginning and processing mills.

The district has some of the important monuments like the beautiful temples, churches, mosques and monasteries that are worth a visit. Not to be missed are the delicious Pedas, the specialty of the district. The climate is hot and wet during the summer and rainy seasons and pleasant during winter.

Rayara Hubli, also called 'Eleya Puravada Halli' or 'Purballi' was the old Hubli, where there is a Bhavani Shankara temple and Jaina basti. Under Vijayanagar Rayas, Rayara Hubli grew as a commercial centre, famous for trade in cotton, saltpetre and iron.

The British opened a factory here when it came under the Adilshahis. Shivaji looted the factory in 1673. The Mughals conquered it and the place came under the Savanur Nawab who built a new extension named Majidpura and trader Basappa Shetty built new Hubli around the Durgadabail (fort maidan).

There is the famous Moorusavira Matha and the Matha authorities claim that it was begun by a Sharana of Basaveshwara's period.

Hubli was conquered by the Marathas from the Savanur Nawab in 1755-56. Later Haider Ali conquered it, but it was recaptured by the Marathas in 1790, and the old town was administered by one Phadke under the Peshwa and the new town by Sangli Patwardhan.

British took old Hubli in 1817 and the new town with 47 other villages was handed over to the British by the Sangli Patwardhan in lieu of the subsidy in 1820. Hubli is a prosperous handloom weaving centre and has a Textile Unit.

List of key historical and ‘Must visit’ sites in the vicinity.

Bhavani Shankar Temple
This Chalukyan Temple with the image of Sri Narayana is flanked by the ten incarnations of God.
Asar: It was built by Mohammed Ali Shah in about 1646 to serve as a hall of justice. The building was also used to house two hairs from the Prophet's beard. Women are not allowed inside.

Nrupatunga Betta
This is a beautiful picinic spot on the Unkal Hill in Hubli.
Siddharoodha Matha: A holy place just 2 Kms away from the heart of the city. It is a prominent religious institution, a centre of Advaita philosophy as preached by Swami Siddharoodha (1837-1929). The later has a very large number of devotees among all communities, all over Karnataka and also in the neighboring states, Maharashtra and Goa.

Unkal Lake
It is a beautiful spot to picnic for a day - just 3 Kms. Unkal is a beautiful water spot with resplendent sunset view. Here we have cool breeze blowing in the dusk, where people ranging from infants to aged come to alleviate their pains of tiresome day. It has green garden, recreational facilities for the children, boating. Juxtaposed to this spot is a Hotel Naveen.

Glass House
Glass House as the name itself says that it's a palace of glass. This was inaugurated by late Smt. Indira Gandhi.


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