Clarks Exotica- Jim Corbett

Clarks Exotica Jim Corbett is committed to provide a world-class hotel experience, accessible to the value - conscious travelers all around the world. With a vision of redefining what Inns have come to mean in India, we are single - mindedly focused on providing luxurious services with tremendous quality.

The Clarks Exotia Jim Corbett located at Kyari, Ramnagar is the resort whose entry brings you closer to the nature and gives you the complete view and excitement of safari. Here the mystic hills, rapid river, flora & fauna are your next door neighbours. We take you through the wilds, hills and grasslands, fed by a frisky river. A bio-diversity that is rich, rare and precious. The perfect habitat for tigers, elephants, hog deer, birds and other wildlife species fast vanishing from the earth.

We make you meet the local naturalists who have lived in harmony with the wilds, letting you experience the life in the jungles of terai. Of course we look after your basic requirements and provide comforts too. Not just a destination, it will be an experience. So come and reconnect with yourself.

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